Criminal Injuries

What You Need to Know about Criminal Injuries

The professional team at Kurganoff Legal are specialists in criminal injury advice and representation in Perth. If you have been involved in a situation that has resulted in an assault, a sexual assault, or unlawful wounding, you need to know your individual rights and the factors that could affect your compensation claim.

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As an individual involved in a criminal injury situation, you have many options. You can make a claim for criminal injuries compensation, make a claim for common law damages, make a claim for public liability or negligence, amongst other options. The team of criminal injury lawyers in Perth will help you to decide and understand which path to pursue for the best outcome.

Our team will also help you to understand the factors that affect the amount of compensation you can claim. These include the severity and extent of your injuries, the pain you are suffering and the medical treatment you require. However, there are also factors that may come into play that will reduce the amount of compensation you can claim including if you provoked the offender, you were committing a separate offence at the time of the injury, amongst others.

Our criminal injury team in Perth want to give you the best case and outcome for your claim. There are a few steps to follow if you have been involved in a criminal injury to ensure your best chance in a claim.

  1. Immediately report the offence to the police and cooperate with authorities
  2. Ensure cooperation and regular attendance to your medical providers following the injury
  3. Take ample photographs of your injuries immediately following the injury, and as they heal
  4. Prepare a Victim Statement, ensuring that you provide comprehensive facts about the injury and how it has subsequently effected your life
  5. Make sure you collect proof of all personal losses sustained – such as economic, and copies of any payslips or other relevant documents
  6. Ensure that you lodge your claim within the time period required by law

If you have been involved in a criminal injury, your best chance for compensation is to seek professional legal help immediately.

The criminal injury lawyers in Perth at Kurganoff Legal will help you to ensure you are stepped through the process with the full knowledge that you need. We offer a free initial consultation to outline your rights and understand your individual situation and circumstances. From here, we will work with you to complete your claim. Our company has a ‘no win, no fee’ policy – if you do not win your claim you will not pay for our service. At Kurganoff Legal, our passion lies in achieving top results for our clients in their claims.

Best Advice

If you are the victim of a criminal action, seek specialist legal advice immediately.

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