Motor Vehicle Passenger Claim

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and your were you a passenger driven by a drunk driver you may still have a personal injury claim? Did you know as a passenger that your driver consumed alcohol? Do you have a motor vehicle personal injury claim?

Even if you as a passenger knew your driver had consumed alcohol you may still have a personal injury motor vehicle claim if you can show that by your observation your driver did not appear to be drunk.

In a recent decision in a personal motor vehicle accident claim for motor vehicle passenger claim in the District Court. The passenger claimant, who sustained a personal injury, did not know the defendant driver was drunk nor did the passenger note that the driver was visibly affected by alcohol, nor did the defendant exhibit any physical signs of intoxication though she had been seen by the claimant to consume alcohol.

The passenger claimant had taken a walk with the defendant before being involved in a motor vehicle accident. The defendant while under close observation did not display any signs of intoxication nor did she alert the claimant to the fact that she was drunk during their walk home and at the defendant’s home, while cooking. The passenger drove to the restaurant and waited in line and there were no signs of intoxication.

When the passenger was injured in a ride home in a vehicle and had a motor vehicle personal injury claim, the court was not satisfied that the plaintiff acted unreasonably for her own safety or had acted negligently in accepting the ride with the defendant, and in particular in riding with the defendant back from the restaurant.

Motor Vehicle Passenger Claim

If your driver while under your observation does not appear to display any overt signs of being drunk you may be able to establish a motor vehicle passenger claim that you held a reasonable belief that the driver was not affected by liquor and you are in this case not negligent.




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